Dare To live your best life nowThis is an excerpt from my book Dare To Live Your Best Life Now, they are simple truths you need to be reminded of to find your passion for life again. 


It does not matter where you are today, find your happiness in where you are, have the mind-set that you are not where you want to be today but at least, you are another day closer, you are not where you were yesterday because believe it or not, you are growing and developing everyday. Every decision, choice you make, every perception you form, every information you receive, the actions you take, the books you read, the people you meet, challenges you face and many more factors, determine and shape who you are, some are factors you may control and others are factors beyond your control but all these shape who you are. The question is, are you becoming whom you like or are you becoming whom you don’t like?

A word of advice, since you are developing and growing anyway, you might as well put in the effort to develop into that person you want to be. You don’t stop growing or becoming who you are just because you decide not to do anything about it, life doesn’t stop just because you fold your arms, it is up to you to take the circumstances, the information and these factors and turn them to your advantage.

So think of all the great things about you today and speak them out loud. One of my favourite quotes that inspire me greatly is by Jo Blackwell-Preston and it says

“Don’t you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are.”