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4 Things You Should Forget To Move On
1, Things you didn’t do – this is one of the big ones, regrets over what we didn’t do and this regret can linger on for years. Don’t dwell on the things you didn’t do, remember that it’s never too late to start again or to try again. Don’t let these regrets keep you in your past, instead let it fuel your decision moving forward. Of course, we all think of what we didn’t do when we had the chance, and we regret it, but don’t remain in that regret and build your life around it, instead let it be a reminder to take advantage of every moment, there is still so much you can do.
2, People who didn’t treat you right – aha, we have all had these experiences. We have had relationships that turned sour or downright nasty, or we have met people who have treated us really badly, remember however, that this is a reflection of the person. Strive to be your best self and be proud of who you are shaping up to be, the truth is there are awful people in the world who will not treat you well and this will hurt, especially if they are people we love, but always remember that this is a reflection of who they are and don’t take it personally.
3, Things you should have done – what ifs never helped anyone much, shoulda, woulda, coulda is not a game you want to play. Don’t let regrets of what you should have done cloud your mind and close you up to new experiences and opportunities. There are 2 solutions to this – 1, can you still do something about it, if yes then by all means go ahead 2, if no, then think of something better you can do, again, let this regret remind you to seize each opportunity.
4, Your hurt and pain – we associate emotions with experiences, so sometimes when you think of an experience, you are most likely recalling the emotions you felt or attributed to that experience, was it fear, hurt, pain or happiness, love etc. and these emotions usually stick with us and we replay them when we think of our experiences. Feeling hurt or pain or such negative emotions often stop us from moving on, they turn to anger or bitterness, which in turn stops us from enjoying positive emotions. It’s time to start creating new emotions from our experiences.