When it comes to happiness, everyone has his or her thoughts and theories. Happiness is not just a feeling; it is an expression of your thoughts, it comes from who you are. The great news is that you can choose to be happy today and it begins with appreciating and enjoying the moments and changing your thoughts.

1. Yes, you can be happy – Happiness is not just for a select few or for some other people, everyone can be happy and the choice is ours to make. Some believe that they don’t have to be happy, they are just content with what they have, and some have forgotten what it means to be happy. You have to believe that you can be happy in your life, it’s not just for others.

2. Happiness should be shared – we are meant to spread happiness, have you ever done something for someone, which makes them happy and this in turn makes you feel even better, that’s what happiness is about. The more you give, the more you receive. Of course, sometimes, this does not work out but it still does not take away from your happiness.

3. You can be happy today – you don’t have to postpone your happiness, many people always put off their happiness for the future. You can be happy today, and this comes from appreciating what you have now. Appreciation is a powerful motivation for happiness. Don’t find yourself looking so much into the future that you forget to enjoy today.

4. Your happiness is not dependent on your ‘Having’ – happiness is enjoying the present moment. Don’t let your happiness be based on ‘having’. Some believe that when they have that dream house or the dream spouse or dream job then they will be happy, all those things bring you a feeling but the great news is that you can have that feeling today and it begins with your being grateful for what you have.

5. Life does not have to change drastically before you can be happy – you have all you need to be happy now, you don’t have to wait for a dramatic change or event in your life to be happy.