believinggirl profileA big thank you to all who have supported us and have been followers of the Believing Girl blog, due to some projects in the past few months, I wasn’t able to give the blog my full attention, I must also confess that for a while, I was also trying to discover myself as I was a bit lost, I was in a strange, unpleasant place and I hope never to be in such a place ever again. However, I did learn many things and one of those was never to give up on my dreams or anything I set my heart to. So here I am, stronger in spite of what I went through, I still believe that all things are possible if I don’t give up. One of the things that got me through these last months were practical and motivational materials and this has inspired the change that has come to Believing Girl. The structure of the articles on Believing Girl will be more practical, giving practical steps to apply to your daily lives to become who you want to be and inspiring you to live your best life every day. I hope you enjoy the new changes, don’t forget to leave your comments, and have a great time.