closed eyesEveryone faces tough times and go through challenges, life is great, however it does come with those times that knock us on our faces, they are inevitable, so what do you do in those times? Those days when you feel everything is coming against you and you feel that you just cannot handle it, here are a few suggestions.

a, Know it’s okay to feel the way you do. It’s not personal, the world is not purposely punishing you for something you did or did not do, everyone gets their tough times, it’s all part of the adventure of life, so when you feel awful, know that it is okay to feel that way, you don’t have to put up a brave face, get mad, be upset, even have a pity party if you want to but don’t remain there, learn from what has happened and move on.

b, Surround yourself with positive and inspirational materials, some people don’t believe in motivational materials but everyone needs a pick me up once in a while, this will give you positive outlook and a hope for tomorrow, and give you the strength to not give up.

c, Remember that this too will pass. This may be difficult at the time but try to remember that this tough time will pass too, recall some other tough times you have gone through, and yes, you went through them and you are still here.

d, Make a choice that you will handle this and come out better from this experience. It may not seem so at the moment but remind yourself that you can and will handle this too and turn your negative emotions to fuel to carry on.

e, Focus on what you want to have happen. It is so much easier to dwell on the challenges and the problems, but instead, focus on what you want to have happen, focus on the outcomes you want, you can write them down and read them to yourself, this will help your attitude and help you focus on what is important.

What have you found helpful to go through your tough times? Please share