People often think that the most interesting people are those who are loud, outgoing and out there, that is not usually the case, everyone is interesting in their own special way, you are unique and interesting and these are simple things you can do to enhance your ‘interesting factor’.

Take an interest in things outside your usual self, be interested in other areas of life outside what you would usually be interested in, don’t get so stuck up on one area of life that you build all your interests around it, take an interest in other things, for example, if you are a sports person, don’t just let your life revolve around sports, take an interest in other things such as the opera or art.

Explore and discover. Be adventurous, explore ideas, places, opinions etc, if you can take a trip that is even better, however, you can explore right where you are, watch the History channel or the Biography channels, they are a wealth of information and knowledge. Other things you can do is seek out new places in town, listen to new music, try out new restaurants, there is so much more you can explore and discover.

Do something that scares you. Sitting around complaining and whining is not attractive, do something and this will make you feel more interesting, if you have never danced before, sign up for a dance class and attend, do something outside your comfort zone. There is no growth if you don’t leave your comfort zone and when you do, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.

Practice how to communicate in an engaging manner. We have all met some people who have an interesting way of communicating even if they don’t have something interesting to say, you can practice this too. Practice speaking with enthusiasm and engaging others, project excitement into your voice, your eyes and your mannerism when you communicate with others. Looking at yourself in the mirror is a great place to practice.

Embrace and celebrate your uniqueness. Don’t shy away from what makes you unique, you will be hardly be interesting if you are like everyone else, so embrace your uniqueness and qualities.

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