You are resilient. You are willing and able to learn from your mistakes, to get knocked down repeatedly, get up, dust yourself off, and move forward with renewed motivation.

You are able to sell or willing to learn how to sell, selling is just offering something of value to a person who believes it is worth having and paying for, don’t think selling is bad, you have something that others would pay for.

Seeing things differently, you see business opportunities in everything; your instinct is to MAKE business. You have ideas and make these ideas into profitable businesses

You can launch a business, and most importantly, you can RUN your business, launching or starting a business is just part of the journey, the other part of it is running your business to constantly create value and be profitable.

You are Unreasonably Determined. Having passion is some times not enough to run a business, you need to be determined to make your business work, you will encounter many challenges but your passion and determination must work hand in hand.