‘It is never too late to be what you might have been.’ – George Eliot

I have often spoken with many people and one of the statements of regret I hear is ‘I wish I knew then what I know now’ and I always retort ‘well at least you know now, so what are you going to do about it?’ We are always in different stages of our lives, you can’t know everything and you can’t even tell the future, what you can do is to do your best with what you have where you are. 

It is never too late to start up what you want to do or be who you want to be. The worst thing that can happen is to have regrets about your life, so here are a few reasons why it’s never too late 

1. You have today to begin, stop dwelling on the past, what you could have done that you didn’t do and more, you can start today building your future, ‘today’ is always a great time to begin.

2. Age is really nothing but a number, I recently saw an interview with a man in his 80s who is a body builder, so age is really your excuse? Good try.

3. You have the power to change your life, when you make a decision to do what you have always wanted to do, you activate that power. You start taking action when you decide that it’s never too late to start your dreams.

4. Hey, do you want to wait another 5 years? If you don’t start today, in another 5 or 10 years, you still won’t have begun and you will still be whining and having the same conversation.

5. Start with what you know and have now, no one knows everything, so start where you are today with the little you know now that you didn’t know then.