TIPS-FOR-A-MOREWe all have goals and plans we need to achieve, however, sometimes, we are not motivated to work on these plans, of course we know we ought to work our plans but sometimes we just feel out of sorts and lethargic. Here are some tips for a more productive day

1, What is the big picture – think about the big picture, don’t get too overwhelmed with the little details just yet, do you want to write a book, do you want to start a blog or do you want to start that project?

2, Now pick up one activity that you can complete that will take you closer to achieving your goal. Say your big picture is to start a blog, then you know you have to come up with a blog idea, so this is the most important activity for you.

3, Write out activities you need to achieve this one goal, eg, research is one of the best ways to figure out what your blog will be about.

4, Make a list the night before that you intend to do the next day

5, Cut out distractions, such as checking your social media accounts and email, focus on your list.

And one bonus point, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t accomplish all you hoped to achieve that day, just do the same the next day.

So what do you think? What other tips help you have a more productive day?