Believing Girl


1. Just do it
The first step is always action, don’t look for excuses not to but look for reasons to start, just do it

2. Trust your guts and your instinct
No one knows and understands your dreams more than you do, criticisms are the easiest things people can give, so choose who you listen to.

3. Increase the passion daily
This is the extra engine that will keep you going when other parts fail, you can’t go far without passion.

4. Celebrate your wins
Very important, no matter how small they may seem, celebrate your wins and successes, it will encourage you to do more.

5. Don’t take failure personally
It may have something to do with you or not, but don’t dwell on any failures, learn from it and move on, it is proof that you are doing something new and taking action.

6. Believe
Believe in…

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