4 Reasons You Want To Go The Extra Mile

girlredhair1. What is life without making that extra effort. If it was all easy, then everyone would achieve all they want, every one would have all they desire, but it’s not to be so, the best in life belong to those who fight for it.

2. To stand out. Have you noticed how easy it is to blend in the background? You don’t need to make much effort, once you begin to take the place in the background, very soon, others begin to place you there and soon you will be nothing more than a wall paper but it takes something extra and something more to stand out.

3. This is what separates the winners from those in second place. You will always have that second wind, you will always have a little more fight in you pushing you to go that extra mile.

4. Do it for you.  You can go the extra mile for yourself, do not only do it for others, do it for yourself. Don’t pay attention to those who criticise you for not giving up because the truth is that the person who ‘DO NOT’ will always fear that the person who ‘DO’ will achieve what they desire.


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