People live their lives as if it is dispensable, as if it’s a product from the store, once it’s finished, you just run to the store and grab another one. Well, if you don’t think this way, then why are you acting this way? It is so easy and tempting to live like this, living without passion or purpose, just counting the days. What you don’t know is counting the days is the same as counting the years, waiting patiently as your life just rolls by.


Your life is all you have and this is the only shot you are going to get at it, so why not plan to give it your best shot. The great thing is that even if you give it a shot and you missed, you get to do over with many more opportunities and you are closer than the person who is too afraid to take a shot.


Your life is your business, and you should treat it so, you give attention to it, nurture it, plan and strategize on the best way to maximize your business, and you should do the same for your life, which is more important than your business. I read an article some time ago and it said ‘mind your business’, the same goes for your life, give constant and consistent attention to your life, don’t just accept anything and everything, have a purpose and a plan for your life and don’t let others spoil it. It is your life and it is your business.