Here is a lesson I learned recently, it has always been said that life is short, so do all you need to and make sure you make the most of your life, but taking it further, I have come to learn that not only is life short, it is fast and very fast indeed.

You cannot afford the luxury of procrastination or waiting to start your life. This is it right now; your life has begun, for some, it has gone farther than for others. But wherever you are, this is your life and it is moving fast. Remember that day you made up your mind to start on your dream, or that day you decided to start pursuing what you love doing, that day you said you were going to write that book or apply for your dream job or start up your business? Well, hey, it’s 5 years already (or more) and you are still complaining about your life and still making plans to begin what you want.


Life is fast and the truth is that, if you live it or not, it will continue anyway, so why not stop procrastinating, you don’t want to wake up one morning and wonder where the years went, start where you are today with what you have and LIVE!