You hear it all the time, dreams, you read books and they tell you to dream big, you hear people speak and they ask, what is your dream, follow your dream, we have all heard the popular speech that begins with the words ‘I have a dream…’ and you wonder, what’s all the fuss about? Why do I need a dream, why can’t I just live my life without a dream?


Well firstly, let me ask you, what’s life without dreams? The truth is that everyone has a dream, that’s what makes you a human being, you have a mind, the mind has imaginations and imaginations give birth to dreams. It all begins with ‘what if’. Every kid has an active imagination, the unharnessed power of their imagination is great and that’s how and when the dreams begin. So, every one has a dream. How remarkable your dream is and the boldness to dare to dream becomes your responsibility as you grow up. There are kids and even adults who have a dream and just go for it with all the innocence and faith and they achieve their dreams. The problem with growing up however is that you get in your own way, your mind fights with all the ideologies, theories, experiences, opinions, failures, fears, that you have learned over the years, and this can become a constant struggle. And you start to ask yourself, what’s the point of dreaming, must I have a dream


 I dare to say yes, don’t let that dreamer in you die. You are designed to dream, it invigorates you and energizes you, it helps put your life under your control. Dreams inspire you to take a leap of faith and most of all, it you are doing what is most natural to you when you dream.


It is who said what the mind of man can imagine, it can achieve, the joy and confidence you get when you fulfill a dream is purely indescribable, it gives you control over your life and what is the point of everything if you cannot take control of your life. So yes, it’s important to dream and dream big, this is who you are.