girlToo many people give up too easily, they take the ‘easiest’ way out, asking themselves, why spend the effort, time and energy to believe and go for what they want when they could just as easily give up and go without it in the first place. And then, there are others who are willing to charge ahead and go for what they want, and when they fail, they look for other ways and create plans B, C, D etc to achieve what they desire and they don’t stop until they get it.

So what is the difference between these two people? Their made-up mind, it is difficult to shake a person with a made up mind. A made up mind is unshakeable, it is decided on finality and determined to forge through unknown paths and obstacles to reach a final destination. A made up mind does not vacillate, of course it sees the obstacles and challenges, but it is not thinking ‘I’ll just give up’, instead, it is asking, ‘what are my alternatives, how do I make this work?’

When you ‘think’ you have made a decision regarding your life, your job, business, relationship etc, when you start thinking of giving up, remember that it is okay, doubts come in but what you do with these doubts and the thoughts of giving up, is what is most important.

The made up mind is what turns to conviction and leads to determination, it takes a lot of hard work but what doesn’t? Giving up takes a lot of hard work too, because in these two cases, you are having a debate with yourself, giving yourself reasons why you should take the course you are taking, and making the final choice and decision. They both go through the same process, but the outcomes are different. You are either giving excuses for giving up or giving reasons to keep going. And just to mention that when you give up on what you want, you will always kick yourself, unless you didn’t want it bad enough.

Yes, we make these choices every day, we make up out minds, what it is made up on is totally up to you.