20120728-133122.jpg1. A good music mix. I greatly enjoy music and they inspire me and help put me in the right mood and frame of mind, so I create music mixes for every occasion, for relaxing, for the gym and my work out, etc, music is one of the things that speak to your heart and soul and in turn affects your mood, so I invest in great music.

 2. A good romance – Makes you feel all fuzzy and feel all good and girly, every girl loves a fairy tale and a good romance novel gives you just that, I love reading and this is one of my favourite genre.

 3. My iPad – Smartphones and tablets have become a ‘must’ for everyone in our society where entertainment and information are now on the go, my iPad is home to a huge set of magazines and apps, every single one useful and of great importance, being on the move means I can have all my info close by and never run out of things to do or entertain me.

 4. Inspiration – I constantly need to inspire myself so as to avoid burning out and losing momentum, so I invest in materials that inspire and motivate me, as a creative and visual person, I spend long hours working and one of the best things is to be able to sit back and look at the big picture and get motivated to forge on.

 5. Great friends – We are either propelled to soar or held down by the company we keep, it is a shame if you don’t have great friends who can lift your mood and love you for you. My friends are very important to me and they help me be a great friend to them also, we feed off each other’s energy, and help each other go through stuff. 

 6. Great pairs of platform shoes – Ooh, every girl wants to look and feel good and a great pair of shoes or a closet full, can go a long way in helping you achieve this. A pair of nice heels or platforms can change your whole outfit and give you a great posture, elevate your legs and make you feel good.

7. My brown oversized tote bag. This is one of a girl’s best friends, it fits everything without you having to log around a second bag, it is handy, useful, chic and it’s brown, what’s there not to love.