People are always putting pressure on themselves based on their age, especially women, they believe they have to meet certain goals at a certain age, achieve something at a certain time of their lives. It is great to have goals and make plans for your life but not at the expense of your happiness and peace of mind, your life is yours and you are responsible for what happens and what you do with it, but don’t put time and age limitation on your life. So what if you had a goal you wanted to achieve before the age of thirty, and now you are thirty-two, deal with it and find a way to still achieve that goal.

When we put ourselves under pressure based on time and age, we are putting up a limit in our mind and more often than not, when we are unable to meet the ‘deadline’, our mind puts up barriers and we begin to think that we really cannot achieve our goals, after all, if we could not achieve it at thirty, we can’t do it at thirty-three, or worse still, we think, what is the point?

It’s great to plan and set out your goals but just be careful about putting up a limit in your mind, time is just a factor and age is just a number, so be wise. You don’t want ‘half met’ plans everywhere because you could not motivate yourself to carry on after the so-called deadline. Remember, your life is yours.

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do.” – Ella Fitzgerald 

“When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.” – Anonymous

So you have made your plans and goals you need to achieve when you turn twenty, and then, for when you turn 30, and 40 and so on, even better, you achieved your goals at 20 and then again just before you turned 30 and now you are 43 and you become depressed because you didn’t meet your target, hey, don’t whine, get up and start working on those goals, it’s never too late to start. A beginning does not have a time; you begin when you do.

The truth is that so many times, things don’t go according to our well laid out and perfect plans, there are hitches along the way, delays and unpredictable circumstances, however, this is what determines the strength of your character and the strength of your dream. Sometimes, a good dream gets better and mature with time.

You don’t need a new year or a new month to start up, all you need is a new day, so don’t get unnecessarily pressured or discouraged if your ‘time’ set has come and gone, you can still begin today, don’t let time and age become a barrier in your mind and a limit to what you can achieve.

[Article by Angel for Believing Girl]