befabThere are many definitions of strength in the dictionary, but the one that stands out the most for me is that strength is ‘The capacity of an object to withstand great force or pressure’. There is an ability that is inherent in you; it is a state of being strong that makes a person able to deal with difficult and stressing situations and events.

There is a force in you that is afraid of nothing, that does not recognise failure, this force forges through every obstacle and impossibilities, but most times, words and opinions from others around us begin to reduce the confidence we have in the ability inside us. Force is a strength that produces motion in a stationary body, when you apply force to something, it is hard for it to remain static or stationary. So you are a force and therefore, you are the one who applies a strength and energy that causes other objects to move.

Accepting what you cannot change, is a myth, because we have seen people change situations through stubborn faith and determination, we have seen people do the extraordinary and unfathomable, when they are backed into a corner in life and find no alternative way of escape, that is what strength does for you.

Some people just give up because they believe they have no option or have no strength to fight any more, but others, even when it seems all hope is lost, they still push through stubbornly until they come out victorious, so what is the difference between these two kinds of people? It is what they believe. The truth is that, you can never run out of strength, because it is an ability of your spirit and mind, and like other abilities and qualities, it is never exhausted, it is what you believe about it, when you believe you have run out of steam and cannot fight anymore, then, your mind and your body responds to this message, so what do you believe and even more importantly, what do you say to yourself?

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve – Napoleon Hill

Your mind is that powerful!

David Brinkley states, a successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him, This takes great strength, it is the capacity of a man’s spirit to take what others have thrown at him, to take the cards situations have dealt him, to take what life has thrown at him and to turn this into something positive and great, the truth is that it may not be easy, but he does it any way. For it is this strength that determines how a person responds to situations. Life is full of ups and downs, we hear that saying every time, but it is the strength inside you that will determine how you deal with these challenges that come your way, hence the saying,

Tough times never last; tough people do by Robert Schuller