be youWhen you realise that you can fit, frame and create your world, then it does not matter where people or circumstances put you, it would not matter what you are facing today, seeing with your heart and saying what you see, will take you from where you are today to where you want to be. Your spirit and mind have a great capacity to bring to you what you have visualised, it has the ability to attract to you what you desire, so begin today and start altering your reality, acquiring a skill is a process, we begin by learning, and then practicing until we become masters in the skill,

This is not different, it is also a skill, and it requires training yourself to see what you want to see, to look beyond the distractions around you, to let the your voice of your heart become louder than the voices you hear from others, it is training yourself to say I can, when others are saying you cannot. So build yourself up with great materials, invest in yourself, don’t build your life with the materials other people give you, do not base your reality on other people’s information, beliefs, convictions, opinions and perception, you have one life to live, decide to make it great.

This may come as a surprise to you, but life is full of challenges and difficulties and this is because we have to relate to different elements, man is a complex being, with different views, opinions, beliefs and emotions, get a few people to live together for a while and you will encounter on a smaller scale what we experience on a world scale everyday, egos and opinions clashing, perceptions formed, prejudice and judgements etc. So do not blame the challenges that you come against, they come with the structure and make up of the world, but the great news is that you have the ability to control your own world,

It is very easy to take what life throws at you and just go with the flow but what do you have to lose by insisting on living a good life, you are going to be miserable anyway if you don’t do anything about it and it would not really help the cosmos when one more person gives up. You have to understand that there is so much inside of you that you can use to face any situation that comes your way, you are not the ‘weakling’ you may think you are, people may have called you so for years but that does not make it true, even if you have begun believing it, it still does not make it the truth, you have the ability to face and conquer what life throws your way and having done all, to remain standing.