girlredhair“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are”, you are remarkable and wonderful, have confidence in this and let others see it on you. There is always one thing that looks great on you at all times, no matter what you look like, and that is confidence, so wear it well and here are a few ways to wear your confidence.

Your Smile. Your face and especially your lips are the first place that wear your confidence, your smile says more about you than you can imagine. Wear a smile on your lips as often as you can, learn to smile, smile when you say hello to people, learn to find something to smile about, when you become conscious of this, it will be a surprise to you to find that there are more things to smile about than to frown about. A smile brightens up your day and makes someone else feel much better, you can never go wrong with a smile.

Check That Pose. It is common knowledge that your pose, posture and stance say a lot about what you think about yourself, it is easy to read your attitude from your posture and the way you carry yourself. Do not slouch, walk upright and with your head held high, stand tall and make others take notice that you are there.

A Splash O’Color. Color gives beauty to things and make them vibrant and full of life. Don’t blend into the background, dull colours make life boring and dreary and sour your mood, so it doesn’t matter the season or weather, adding that splash of colour will brighten up your day. Wearing colour is a great way to wear your confidence.

Be Friendly. Wear your confidence in your approach to people and in the way you relate with them, say hello, make conversations and learn about others. Make eye contact when you talk to people and don’t shy away from meeting new people, you are interesting and fascinating and people deserve to know you.

Be Yourself. Ok, you really don’t want to be someone else, you will end up making a poor imitation of someone else, you have unique qualities and features, focus on these and celebrate them. Love who you are and let others see and know the real you, no pretence or gimmicks, just you.