closeupIt is the second month of the year, are you losing steam already? Here are a few ways to keep up that motivation, remember that you don’t need a new year to begin that dream or goal, all you need is a new day. Realise that every day comes with new motivation and inspiration, every morning is a gift, so you can choose to take advantage of this gift for it gives you the opportunity to celebrate yesterday or to have a do-over. 

1. Remind yourself of your goals. Remind yourself of the reasons why. What are the reasons for your dreams and your goals? Write them down beside your dreams, and make a point of taking a look at them every day.

2. Your thoughts are powerful. Focus on the right thoughts when you are losing motivation, you don’t want to dwell on negative thoughts, these thoughts will produce negative energy which in turn will affect your motivation. So keep your mind on positive and happy thoughts. Your thoughts are powerful and they are like magnets, they are able to bring to you what you think about, so choose to think rightly.

3. Remember that YOUR dreams are your own. You set these goals, so take your time and go at your pace, every day, you have the opportunity to start afresh, to have a new beginning, so don’t be hard on yourself or put too much pressure on yourself. It is up to you how you want to go about achieving these dreams.

4. Affirm that it is possible. You have to believe that your dreams are possible, you may not know how they will come to be, but believe that they are possible, because when things get difficult, your conviction of the possibility of your dreams is what will keep you going on. A good way to get you to believe that it is possible is to affirm it and say it to yourself every time.

5. Remember your successes. Remind yourself of these successes, one of the best way to get motivated is to feel good about yourself and one of the best ways of feeling great about you is recalling your successes. Do this often and you will realise that if you could do it before, then you can do it again.