I read a story of a woman who looks at herself in the mirror every morning and says to herself ‘Girl, you are looking good today’

That is amazing, because there are even fewer people who can voice out the fact that they do look good, they are more comfortable when seeing the flaws and faults, you have to realise that acknowledging and saying the good things in you gives you strength, it lifts you up and puts a spring in your steps.

It is funny how it is the wrong things that stand out to us first in any situation, that is the reason why people can make statements like ‘this is too good to be true’, or why people always expect something bad to happen to them, you give someone a compliment on their appearance and instead of saying thank you, they look for something to criticise about themselves, it’s like it makes them feel better to have something negative about themselves, so as not to upset the universe. This is why you should acknowledge the good things in you, so that your faith and confidence will be strong, this means that everything you need is inside of you already, do not be the person who is looking for an external validation, be your own person and be confident.

You must recognise, appreciate, understand and have precise knowledge of every good thing that is in you and that is yours, because doing that will give you a confidence and a self-worth that you never thought possible, there is no need to bring yourself down, some people do that because they believe that someone else is just going to bring them down anyway, believing it is safer to point out their faults before someone else does, but this is not right. The truth is that people are going to see and point out your faults anyway until you begin to guide their hearts and their eyes to see the good things in and about you, when you do this often enough, that is all they will begin to see.

It hurts when people criticise you and point out your faults, and every time it happens, it slowly strips away your confidence, which in turn affects your emotions and eventually affects you, so why not turn it around, pay yourself a compliment every time and pay someone else a compliment and you will notice the change.