Man is designed intricately and complex and this is the reason why after decades, new music is still being written, composed and sung, new books are still been written, art works are still being created, and yet no two piece of work are ever the same, unless made so intentionally.

If that is not infinite and unlimited resources, I don’t know what is. The workings of your mind is beyond what you can imagine

John Muir says the power of imagination makes us infinite

There is a force that drives you and this is the same force that drives men to do the impossible, that pushes men to defiance when everything else is against them, do not underestimate you, because there is nothing that is as powerful as you are.

So what is it that you are facing today that is stopping you from being who you want to be or doing what you want to do or going where you want to go, know that nothing has the power and the right to stop you. There are other people who are doing exactly what you think is impossible, it is not because they are more gifted or have more ability, it is because their minds could grasp the fact that they have unlimited and limitless potential and ability. 

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not,”

Who do you think you are? The answer to this question will determine if you will succeed in life or if you will be a failure, there are people who know who they are but are afraid to admit it to themselves, and there are those who know their seeming limitation but defy the norm anyway and defy any limitation, who do you think you are?