Who you are matters and who you think you are is even more important

Don’t you think life will be so much better if you were just happy, if you did not have to worry so much about every and any thing, well, it is very possible, just think about how things will be so simple if everyone had great perseverance and persistence, because no matter how intense and overwhelming the problem and challenge is right now, it will always come to an end.

Okay, here is a pretty interesting lesson to learn, you can love, laugh and live, you can enjoy life and not be apologetic about deciding to live a life you love. You don’t have to join the millions out there who complain about their lives, you can live a satisfying life, be who you want to be, go where you want to go and do things you love and you don’t need to apologise to anyone for these choices.

It is okay to enjoy life and be happy, surely, there will always be something to frown about, something to upset you and anger you, but how you respond to these situations are most important.

When you love, love fully, without restraint or holding back

When you live, live largely, energetically and with gusto, without regret or apology

When you laugh, laugh often, wholly, with life, and wholeheartedly, without fear

You see, life is a gift and it is a precious gift so do not waste it, situations come just to distract you from enjoying this precious gift but you have to decide to enjoy life, this is a decision only you can make and you better make it quickly.