Something that has inspired me is the new Special K campaign, the ‘What Will You Gain When You Lose’ campaign, which changes the way we think about our bodies and gives us a more healthy approach to body image.

The British ad campaign, as explained on, is about changing the way women think about weight loss and focusing on body confidence rather than body size. In a new commercial, British women step on a scale in the very public Covent Garden; instead of their weight flashing on the screen, a word will pop up — “moxie,” “happy,” “sass” — that represents what they will gain by losing weight. (

‘It’s time to change the way we think about weight loss this summer, with My Special K*. 
Much more than the pounds and inches we want to lose, it’s the feeling we gain when we have lost weight that is so much more rewarding. 

Confidence, positivity, pride, joy … when you feel this good, it’s bound to show on the outside. So why don’t we start thinking less about what we want to lose and focus instead on the positive feelings we want to gain.’ (

So feel good about yourself and show the world the real beautiful and gorgeous YOU!