Okay, here are a few things you can enjoy doing while keeping fit, many people think that keeping and staying fit is boring and tedious but here are some activities you can do to keep motivated and to keep fit and of course, to enjoy and have fun with. So forget the exercises and have fun instead!

1. Dancing. This is a timeless way to keep fit, get your feet off the ground, dancing that will keep you up and moving around, and maybe jumping as well, you’ll feel, more energized, young and vibrant. So turn the music loud and dance and have fun.

2. Bike Ride. Is another fun way to keep fit, keep the car and pick up the bike, it is a great way to explore your town or city too.

3. Walking. This works every time, and it is very practical too. Of course this is one activity that we enjoy when we shop because you can walk for hours without taking notice, so that’s a good start. Get in the habit of walking, fast paced or leisurely, it is up to you. Instead of taking the car or public transport, you can take a walk.

4. Aerobics. This is for people who have the time to go to the gym. Join a group aerobics or activity class, it is always more fun doing this and working out with others give you the energy you need to carry on. The music and the atmosphere is full of energy and you can make new friends too.

5. Zumba. Is one of the most popular dance classes around and for good reason. If you love music and dancing, join a class near you and attend regularly. It does not matter if you have no rhythm or don’t know how to dance, it is all about having fun and attending regularly means you’ll pick up a step or two, not bad for the next time you go out dancing. There are other dance classes such as Street Dancing that you can also explore.

6. Sport. Get involved in a sport that you love, when you are doing what you enjoy doing, it ceases to be work. So if you are a sporty person, get involved in that sport as much as you can, swimming, tennis, football etc, do this regularly.

[By Angel for Diary of A Believing Girl}