A relationship break up is one of the hardest times of people’s lives and it comes with a lot of negative emotions and feelings that are toxic and exhausting, but here are some suggestions to help you make it a little easier if you want some help getting through it.

1. Care – It is very easy not to care about anything or anyone any more, after all, it hurt just too much caring and it makes you feel vulnerable, but care anyway.

2. Do something you like and love – What is it that makes you happy and feel better about yourself? Is it a hobby, a job? Take action, be active, do what you love doing that makes you happy, God knows you need it.

3. Know that it takes time – You may not see it now, but time does make everything better, time heals the heart, so take your time but not too much time. Go ahead and cry, get angry, stay in bed or whatever you want to do, and know it is okay, but remember that the pain will pass with time.

4. Know that you deserve the best – Some people think they deserve what they got, it does not matter what happened or the cause of the break up, it may be your fault or not but always remember that you deserve the best, it is so easy to settle for less, or for anything that comes your way, but you have to believe that you deserve the best and you will get it.

5. Remember who you are – and don’t forget it, those things that make you special, those things that make people like you, those attributes that make others attracted to you, and those that make you feel better about yourself, remember them and repeat them to yourself, you may not feel them but say them anyway,

6. Move ON – You may punch the next person that tells you to move on, but yes, you have to, life is about moving on, sure you hate the word now but you know deep down that you will have to move on. It takes strength and courage to move on, so learn from whatever mistakes you made, don’t remain in the pity party, and start your journey to moving on. There’s someone better out there for you.