It is time to feel good about yourself, and here are some out of many ways to go about it. Enough of putting yourself down or feeling inferior, you may have spent years making others feel better about themselves, it is your turn now. You come into this world full of life, exuberance, excitement and expectation but we get deprived of these things as we begin to grow up, with negative reinforcement from others and ourselves, we become trained to see only flaws and failures.

I met up with a friend some time ago whom I had not seen in years and she looked worn out and worse for wear, when I asked her what happened, she said ‘Life happened’, and I was very disappointed. Life is full of hope, excitement, joy, color, exuberance and all great things, it is also full of challenges and problems, it is what you do with it that makes the difference. So enough of being run down and constantly worn out.

When you feel good about yourself, everything else will be good and you will have fun living your life and that is why you can never get enough of making yourself feel good and these are just some ways you can go about that, so don’t wait for others to make you feel good about yourself, gear up, it is time to feel great!

Look in the mirror. Instead of finding your physical flaws, look at your best features. Your eyes? Your hair? Your smile? Focus on that for a minute and be grateful for it.

Look for the good in every situation. No matter how bad it may look, try harder to see the glass half full instead of half empty, or better still, focus on a full glass
Wear clothes that make you feel good. When you look good, you have confidence. Wear clothes that makes you feel good. Find the time to study your body type and wear clothes that will complement it.
Keep going. Don’t let life’s changes throw you off track, but remember that most extenuating circumstances are temporary. Gain more clarity by staying the course and channeling your energy in a positive direction.
Do something new. It does not have to be a crazy thing, but do something new, something you’ve never done before that you have always wanted to do, challenge yourself to do it.
Be happy. This is a decision you have to make, be happy, full stop. Once you make that decision, be mindful of it, in the face of opposition or challenges, have the strength just to be happy, it may be hard and you may have to smile through your tears, but smile anyway. Being happy is a state of mind and a state of being, so Be Happy.
Celebrate taking care of yourself. Take time today to pamper your skin with great-smelling soap or lotion. Clean and cut your nails. Take a nice and luxuriating bath, wash your hair, enjoy the meals you take, even that slice of cake. Enjoy taking care of yourself and be good to you.
Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others. It will only lower your confidence and bring you down. There’s no one out there just like you, who was grown up with your experiences and has your talents
Write down your assets. List the things you love about you and say them to yourself, when you believe them, others will believe too and it will make you feel great to acknowledge the wonderful things about you.