To me, Fabulousness means that:

1. I can enjoy my life, smile and laugh and be carefree. Knowing that I deserve the best.

2. It is great to enjoy a treat, now and again, I love the chocolate cakes.

3. I can enjoy blowing off some steam, working out at the gym, going for aerobics classes or just turning up the music and dancing.

4. Being unique, I can be myself, and not try to look like, act like or be like someone else, I appreciate other people’s great qualities but I’ve got great qualities too and I love them.

5. That I am unique and gorgeous, and I celebrate my uniqueness. I am confident in this.

6. There is a lot to discover about me, so I would not waste the time listening or thinking about other people’s negative opinions about me, I am having a great time discovering how great I am and loving it.

7. My thoughts, perceptions and inner being affect my outward appearance and aura, I see the world the way I think, so when I’m happy, the world is happy.

8. Other people are great and I know that. I love others and appreciate them and don’t criticise or put them down.

9. Life is bigger than I can think, I can be who and what I want to be. I can live loudly, largely and with gusto everyday.

10. I am simply and marvellously FABULOUS!

What does fabulous mean to you?

[Article by Angel, Diary of A Believing Girl]