Dare to be great, I always say that your life is a blank canvas and you are the artist, you have all the tools needed to create a masterpiece, now the power lies in your hand, would you make the effort to start creating, would you go the extra mile and put in the effort required to create something great or would you come up with excuses for not starting at all.

Life is short, live bold! Be heard, be you, dream big, take risks, don’t wait! – Misty Gibbs

You have the freedom to dream and to dream big, so why not let your imagination get free and believe that what you can dream, you can achieve
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. – Les Brown

You have ‘unlimitness’ in you, that infinite power, potential and ability that was inbuilt in you.
Really, what is life without goals, dreams, a purpose? It is bland and ordinary. You were made to do and live the extraordinary, to be remarkable and to do remarkable things, so don’t hide your head in the sand anymore or try to blend into the background, it is your time to shine as the star that you are and take your place at the centre stage.

Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable. – Wendy Wasserstein

You are on your own time now, so live life on your own terms, don’t let others dictate to you what your life should be like or even how to live it, it is great to listen to people and take advice from them, but remember that you are the one who call the shots. You may have many opinions but you only have your decision. The decisions you make today, influence your tomorrow.
Remember that people are too busy with their lives to make you feel better about yours, or to help you live yours.

So what does it take to dream? Nothing, and what does it take to achieve? A lot. And that is where the fun and adventure begins, I will repeat that life is either a daring adventure or nothing, the challenges make you appreciate the triumphs, the trials make the victories even more greater and sweeter.
You have to dare to be you, you cannot fold your arms and do nothing for fear of failure, that will be cheating yourself and cheating others from benefitting from what you can contribute to the world.