Gok’s Styling Tips
1. Styling is all about wearing clothes to balance out your frame and help create the enviable hourglass silhouette, because this is the shape most manufacturers use as their blueprint for their designs.

2. Hourglass ladies should look out for structured jackets – they will give your shoulders more definition, pull you in at the waist and skim your hips.

3. A waist-cinching belt will work wonders to help define the waist – ideal for apple, slender and boyish (athletic) shapes.

4. If your shoulders and bust are much wider than your bottom half, Gok classifies you as top heavy. If this is you, don’t hide behind shapeless smock dresses. Show off your assets with a dress that highlights your slim waist. Pleated details in a skirt or trousers will help balance out your bust. (A top heavy body shape shares the same principles as an inverted triangle: read more about the inverted triangle body shape.)

5. Broad-shouldered girls should steer clear of strapless dresses. Instead, opt for a cap sleeve or a little strap to give the optical illusion that your shoulders are closer together.

6. Halterneck dresses will make your shoulders look bigger. Top heavy or inverted triangle ladies should steer clear but they are ideal for pear shapes as they will help balance your slim shoulders and wider hips.

7. Scooped and cowl necklines will flatter big boobs. Show off your assets and draw attention upwards, away from a broader bottom half – ideal for apple and pear shapes.

8. If the widths of your shoulders, hips and waist are all the same then Gok classifies you as having a boyish figure. A boyish body shape is similar to the slender and athletic body shapes. The key here is to create curves for a more feminine look – asymmetric lines and pleating details will help achieve this.

9. Hourglass girls can use a belt to create a contour line around the waist. Wear a belt in a contrasting colour to the rest of your outfit – it will highlight your waist and show off your shoulders and legs.

10. Wearing matching coloured tights and shoes will elongate your legs, making you look taller and slimmer.

(For more Gok’s Styling Tips: http://www.channel4.com/4beauty