Ladies, what makes a confident man so attractive?

Some answers that might interest you

1. Confidence is sexy in both men and women. It’s a total turn-off to constantly have to reassure a partner because they have so little self-esteem, or to make all the decisions for your partner because they don’t know what they want. Yes, confidence is sexy.

2. Confidence is sexy; cockiness is not. The difference is that the former is well-adjusted while the latter is self-absorbed –cockiness crosses the line from not looking down on yourself to looking down on others.

3. The fact that a guy does not show insecurity or let his insecurities control his life(although most humans are probably insecure behind closed doors in one way or another), displays that he can go after or achieve his goals without those low self-esteem issues becoming obstacles. It also gives us a clue that he loves himself and accepts himself for who he is. When you love yourself, you have the ability to love someone else.

4. I guess its because when guys are confident, they’re in control and know what they want..they give off this whole i can take care of you vibe..and most confident guys are more mature…and maturity is also a big turn on.

5. I don’t want a guy calling himself loser all the time and thinks i dont like him it gets annoying so when a guy has confidence without approval its great.

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