You are unique and the only one of you, so I want to share this poem with you, it’s a great poem that tells how unique you are:

No one on earth

Exists quite like you

and no one is able

To do what you do

The person you are

The talents you bear

Gifts that only

You can share

Only you have learned

From the things you’ve done

Gaining perspectives

From the battles you’ve won

Times when you’ve lost

Have been priceless too

The lessons contribute

To what makes you you

The rest of the world

Can’t see through your eyes

Which is why your insight

Is such a prize

Because you are you

There are lives you affect

Much more than you

Would ever expect

The things you do

The things you say

Send ripples throughout

The milky way

You are unique, amazing

Like no one else

You have the exclusive

On being yourself

– Dan Coppersmith

(Only You Poem from the Only You poster)