Laughter does good like medicine-

That says a lot about the benefits of joy and of laughter, it is equated to medicine, it is funny how some people find it easier to follow a prescribed drug to the letter but will not take out some time in the day to laugh and time and time again, we have heard of people and even doctors who have used this simple principle on their patients and have seen tremendous progress, so, your state of mind actually matters a great deal. So choose to be happy today, discover the good things that make you smile and what makes you happy and keep at it, to do otherwise is just foolishness.

Being happy makes you strong, it makes you confident, it helps your relationships, it is so powerful that it affects even your physical appearance, have you met people who are positively glowing because they are happy? Well that is just how powerful being happy can be.

Don’t take life too seriously, there is always something to smile about, even if it means searching hard for it. It may not happen overnight, some people have been so unhappy and miserable for a long time that they have forgotten what it means to be happy, they have let negative situations and challenges so overwhelm them that they don’t know how to come out of it, just take one day at a time, a good way to begin is to decide to find your happy self again,

1. Surround yourself with positive and happy people, this may be even annoying at the beginning but just take your time,

2. Begin reading books or articles with positive and inspiring messages,

3. Think of all your triumphs and past wins, of times you had come out difficult situations (I bet there are),

4. Focus on the great things about you and not on what you dont like about you. There will always be something you probably don’t like about you but don’t think about that now, only focus on what you like about you and if you have to write them down and read them to yourself then do so,

5. Do something that makes you happy and confident, if you love dancing, go to a dance class or get friends together and turn the music loud and dance, if you love exercising, then go to the gym and make it fun, if you love cooking, then invite family or friends over and cook for them. If you love reading, get some light hearted or comedic books and read, there are a number of great activities that you can do that will bring a smile to your face,

Find out what works for you and Do Them!