A pair of good-fitting jeans is the fashion holy grail. Girls, be a diva in denim with my expert jeans advice
Rule 1. Size Yourself

When it comes to buying jeans, do not be bullied by the size on the label. Jeans will only look truly fabulous if they fit. And remember: your body has to tell you what’s in – not fashion magazines and not current trends. If Cheryl Cole is doing flared jeans, then let Cheryl go off and do them: they are brilliant for her shape. You, my darlings, have to find the jeans that are brilliant for yours.

Rule 2. Avoid Too Much Stretch

Too much elastic can make your jeans stretch an inch too far, especially around the waist and bum area. My advice? Take a good look at the label: any jeans with 2% elastane or under will be a good fit and keep your jeans – and you – looking red hot, honey! The trick is to get the right fitting jeans without the need for stretch.

Rule 3. Look at the Pockets

Pay close attention to pockets, ladies: they can make a phenomenal difference in the derriere department.If you want to create a curvy J-Lo effect (and who wouldn’t?), look for jeans with a button-down pocket, as they will ‘lift’ your behind. Pocket seams that draw down into a point will give added definition to the buttocks and so are good for bootylicious babes. Bigger pockets are also a good butt-balancer for you.

Rule 4. Buy Several Pairs

We all have two personalities – I’ve got Downtown Gok and Uptown Gok – and so it is with jeans. If you are a denim diva and they are the essence of your style, I’d recommend that you have two pairs in your wardrobe. Yes, we all have faves that we love to dress up and dress down, but you don’t want to wear one pair to death. Think about getting two pairs in different cuts.

Rule 5. Find a Good Alteration Service

Alterations, alterations, alterations!

They’re a fashionista’s best friend. It’s tempting just to stick with hems at the length they were when you bought them, or to leave legs bagging round the thighs because they fit you at the waist, but jeans alterations usually only cost a few quid and I can’t tell you how much they will ramp up the revamp factor.

(by Gok Wan: http://www.channel4.com/4beauty/style/fashion-tips/goks-jeans-tips)

(Gok Wan is a stylist and presenter of Gok’s Clothes RoadShowand How to Look Good Naked)