The simplest way to feel better, boost your self esteem and improve your life is to find something you love to do, do it and be great at it.

When you are engrossed in the work you love…nothing else seems to matter. You feel good. You feel proud. You become engulfed with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. When you are working on something you love— you feel validated. It’s almost like being encompassed by a powerful rush of positive energy which makes you feel worthwhile and valuable.

Successfully doing meaningful or fulfilling work gives you an instant self esteem boost.

The work you love is precious. It is what you do, create or provide. When you use your God given talents and abilities to perform your work, it even becomes more special. It becomes something which only you can do in the unique way you do it because bears your personal style. It brings you immense joy and fulfillment and can open doors for you— financial or otherwise. It can command other people’s respect and attract them to you. It can make you leave a dead end job to pursue other profitable ventures. Knowing that you are great at something you love is motivation enough to always hold your head high.

What do you love to do? Do you love music, art, singing, dancing, painting, volunteering, designing, teaching, writing, or poetry? Are you good with, computers, kids, or even animals? Do you love to cook, garden, or organize stuff? Do you have any special skills or unique talents?

Whatever it is you love to do, polish it up and take it a notch higher. For example, if you love music, make a great demo cd and take it to a producer. If you are writing a book, strive to complete the manuscript while looking for an agent. If you love to sing and can sing, go for an audition, volunteer to sing at events or any place that will allow you to showcase your talent. If you love to dance, sign up for a professional dance classes. If you love design, start your own graphic design home business and so forth.Whether you consider what you love to do as your life purpose, life’s work, hobby or career, full or part time job— be great at it. Whether you are getting paid or volunteering or whether it’s a natural talent or a learned skill—be excellent!

The things you love to do are not in vain. Hold them in high regard. Because they will make you feel good about yourself and improve your life.Again, what do you love to do? Find out because it’s the key to boosting your self esteem.

(Caroline Jalango: